At.mosphere in the Burj Khalifa


As far as restaurants go, At.mosphere has a lot to live up to. It is situated in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa that reaches a dizzying 160 stories into the sky, making it the tallest building in the world.

Diners are alerted to the fact that something special awaits when arriving at the glittering building. Entrance to At.mosphere is via the Armani Hotel, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani’s first foray into the hotel business. Even the restaurant elevator is not your typical office block lift: it travels non-stop at 65 kilometres per hour and takes just under two minutes to reach At.mosphere on the 123rd floor. Those who may be slightly overwhelmed by the elevators and stairs one has to take before reaching the elevator as well as the oppulence of the setting, will be happy to know that there is only one button: 123. But it all adds to the sense of occasion and helps to build the anticipation. You won’t be disappointed. Although At.mosphere is not large and can seat only 80 guests, despite the hyperbole associated with its address, but the view is larger than life. Seeing the city and Arabian Gulf spread before you like this is no different to looking out of the window of an aeroplane, is nothing less than thrilling. Floor to ceiling windows add to the feeling that you are about to take off over the desert.

To reserve a window seat, a minimum spend is required, and it’s worth it to experience what this restaurant is all about. If you stick to At.mosphere’s special – a juicy steak cooked in the Josper grill – then you’ll be impressed, and if you follow up with one of the excellent desserts, you might just be able to tear your eyes away from the view.

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