Beverly Wilshire

The Iconic Beverly Wilshire

Steeped in an excess of eight sprawling decades of rich and elaborate history since 1928, the esteemed Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel , has long been a point of assemblage for Hollywood entertainment royalty, having witnessed the presences of remarkable icons such as Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley. This prestige is further substantiated by the fact that it was chosen to feature in the household-known film Pretty Woman in 1990, where it hosted the legendary Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Upon entry, guests are embraced by an enchanting cobblestone driveway crafted from Italian-sourced stone and lined with gaslight lanterns extracted from an original castle in Edinburgh, which paves the way to an opulent facade resembling Italian Renaissance and French neoclassical influences situated on 69 700 squared meters of spacious luxury. Outdoors, the Mediterranean-inspired swimming pool, which was fashioned after Sophia Loren’s personal Italian villa is a historical feature to marvel at and to delight in for refreshment on a summer’s day.

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