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Flagstone Wines

Flagstone Wines

Every bottle of Flagstone wine is a journey with many twists and turns. It can never be hurried and there are no shortcuts!

Flagstone is a wine-maker driven business, rather than a marketing-led business. This means that the primary focus on the business is to take care of the grapes and then the wines and then to only focus on the business of selling their products. Fortunately for them, their products are easy to sell and do the selling themselves. More than most, Flagstone are totally committed to making honest, real wine that is reflective of its provenance, even if this means taking the hard part. Every bottle of Flagstone wine is handcrafted and so too is the label. Each product has its own unique story with evocative tales ranging from myths of flying dragons to an allegory of a wild card – “The Dark Horse”. Flagstone Wines believe that wine is a marriage between nature and human imagination. Mother nature provides the grapes, but it is flashes of inspiration and creativity that transforms them into fabulous, captivating wines.

Flagstone Wines have been sourcing their grapes from 5 core vineyards for the past 8 years. These vineyards are under management and stretch from the southernmost wine growing area in South Africa, Elim, to one of the easterly vineyard sites, high in the Swartberg Mountains, to the Breede River Valley north of Cape Town. The natural environment in which the vines grow and bear fruit play a huge role in the style and quality of the resultant wine and Flagstone Wines clearly go to great lengths to study and learn everything they can about the environment. This is proven in Flagstone Wines world-leading “Integrated Production of Wine” (IPW) scheme and their “Biodiversity in Wine Initiative” (BWI). The same factors that have created our extraordinary of flora and also influence wine style and quality. Flagstone Wines refer to this as their “Homeground Advantage”. It means they can make more complex wines at every price range. This is clearly shown by the amount of awards Flagstone Wines win.

Pinotage is a South African signature wine variety. Like many things in this country, it can be a bit daunting when first encountered! However, with patience and understanding it is possible to master this mysterious, idiosyncratic variety. Legend has it that Pinotage is a 1925 South African crossing of what was recorded as Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Although there is some dispute regarding exactly when the varieties were cross-pollinated, there is little doubt that the varieties are correct. In those days, Cinsault was called Hermitage, hence we have the name Pinotage.

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