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Travelling to Moorgas ans Sons one drives past many factories, producing goods on a large scale. Before stepping into the factory your mind is still trying to wrap around all the production taking place, with machinery noises and pollution. Once you step into the Moorgas showroom and factory, you are silenced by the hand crafted pieces that ooze out character and workmanship.  David and Leane Moorgas really take pride in what leaves the showroom as it is their craftmanship, work and more so their creations.  David has been in the industry since he can remember, working every weekend and school holiday.

His father instilled a passion in him to work and create bespoke furniture. The passion is so evident, that when he gets home his mind still goes on, trying to remedy problems that arose during the day. Leane remembers one early morning David got out of bed like he was woken up, an idea to bend or turn wood has come up and he was not willing to let it slip.

Leane handles all designs new and old. She remembers when she still had to hand draw designs for clients, now using Design software packages.  She too is fueled with passion and that is what makes them such a formiddeable team. When asking them about their sons and taking over the business, David mentioned, “they will choose their own path”

Moorgas has been making bespoke furniture for many years and is a trusted supplier to many interior decorators. Many of their pieces are in celebrities’ homes, presidential offices and many hotels.

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