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Olàlà! Interiors

Olàlà! Interiors

When designing living spaces, Olàlà! puts everything together harmoniously, reflecting the client’s personal styles, tastes and preferences. The design team takes pride in the fact that each Olàlà! home is uniquely different from the next. Combining luxury with comfort has always been Olàlà! Interiors forte and it is exceptionally visible throughout this home.

A modern contemporary look and feel is carried across the house with an emphasis on dark colours and bold decor. The richness of the design makes this luxury home perfectly suited for the owners, who are a high profile executive couple that enjoy travelling the world. One of the requirements from the homeowner was comfort and being able to enjoy their family home with those close to them.

We placed emphasis on family and entertainment and ensured the more private spaces were warm and accommodating. Soft warm colours and fixtures were implemented in the bedrooms, giving the rooms a home away from home feeling. Taking full advantage of the surroundings, we designed the outside entertainment areas to allow the owners and their guests to be a part of nature. Solid wood decor fused with contemporary pieces brought together a collaboration for a natural environment.

Natural light flowed through the home but additional lighting was used as a focal point in the decor. Gorgeous free standing lamps were eloquently placed in the main living areas and accent chandeliers generously placed throughout the remainder of the home. Every aspect of the decor was visually stimulating, unassuming in character and luxe in execution.

The pieces chosen for this home remain authentically proudly South African as it is one of Olàlà! Interiors’ core business value. Featured African artwork hung proudly above the staircase, making it a focal point when guests entered the home. The accents walls were also carried across to the second story ensuring a consistent flow of patterns and design was always maintained.

The Olàlà! team was integrally involved in the conceptualization of the design but incorporated collected and sentimental pieces from the owner, making it a true reflection of their various styles. All featured spaces employed our magic touch and creative styling insight to make it picture perfect. “Having been in our profession for 23 years , I am still continuously rejuvenated by new design, fresh ideas, beautiful presentations and clever people. The narrative of our profession is beautified by our connections to our clients, and the communities we build and sustain by innovation.”

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