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Hidden Valley was born out of decades of patience and determination by owner Dave Hidden.

After being informed by a professor of viticulture that the best vineyard soils lie on the slopes of the Helderberg in Stellenbosch, Dave Hidden, winemaker by training, entrepreneur by nature, set his mind to owning and running a wine farm.

Thirty years later, in 1998, this dream was realised when Dave bought a farm on the very slopes he always dreamt of.

From then Hidden Valley has grown by leaps and bounds into a premium and luxury brand and a boutique destination, with award-winning wines, world class olive oil and olives and a state or the art cellar.

Dave Hidden

The Cellar

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The winery is a state of the art, gravity fed cellar built from stone, wood and glass – all purposely selected to present a contemporary yet functional structure.

The cellar is surrounded by vineyards, almond orchards and fynbos gardens, each occupying an integral part of the farms’ ecosystem.  

The Farm

Our vineyards in Stellenbosch are planted on ancient, decomposed granite soils, consisting of Oakleaf and Tukulu profiles. This wonderful soil combined with our altitude and cool weather result in a very unique terroir, which is extremely sought after.

All of our Helderberg vineyards where planted as recently as 2002, which means that the latest planting material, and most up to date planting methods could be used. The vineyards were planted with great care, and all trellised on a double Perold system.

Hidden Valley Farm has also planted 3000 olive trees, a decision which was driven by intuition and passion for the tree and the versatility of its fruits. The fertile soils on the Hidden Valley Farm made a perfect home for these trees and they grew vigorously. A fusion of table and oil varieties now makes up the beautiful silver textured environment around the impressive stonewalls of the wine cellar. The olive processing at Hidden Valley includes oil, table olives and Tapenade of very high quality. It is with excitement that we are currently exploring the many alternative and interesting products that an olive can be turned into.

Wine varietals

Total farm size: approximately 30 hectares

Total vineyards: approximately 15 hectares

Approximately 70% red; 30% white

Varietal Hectares
Cabernet Sauvignon 3,3
Shiraz 2.7
Merlot 2.0
Petit Verdot 0.9
Tannat 0.6
Viognier 0.6
Sauvignon Blanc 4.2

Olive varietals

Total Olives: approximately 3 hectares

Approximately 30% table olives (Kalamata, Noccelera del Belice), 70% for olive oil (Leccino, Coratina, Frantoio, Mission, Favola)

Hidden Valley Wines Cellar

Hidden Valley Wines Farms and Gardens

Hidden Valley Wines Farms and Gardens

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