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Cape Mountain Charcuterie was founded by Richard Carlsson, in 2010. He’s curiosity and interest in charcuterie was developed on his travels of mainland Europe, living on farms where farmers produce their own salami, cured hams, pancetta and bacon using traditional slow curing methods, and without all the modern day “fillers and additives” and all from free-ranging livestock.  The conditions, Richard noted, was very similar to that on his farm, Pampoenfontein outside Porterville in the Western Cape, situated in the heart of the Groot Winterhoek Mountains.

The idea was cast, and a model developed to produced 100% pure meat products, using traditional curing methods from free-range pigs on the farm. Sadic, joined forces with Richard in 2011, with the purpose of taking Cape Mountain Charcuterie to the next level, a brand in our own backyard, Cape Town. Other than a love of gourmet food, what the business required was someone with experience in business process improvement, market analysis, customer services and overall business management. As a business improvement consultant to blue chip organisations for nearly 2 decades, “food” seemed a promising challenge to Sadic. If we were to increase demand, we best had to increase capacity without sacrificing quality. From humble beginnings, with a hand meat grinder and sausage maker on the kitchen table, today we service some of the top wine estates in and around Cape Town, as well as 20 plus restaurants Being a producer of pure meat products and gluten free sausages from the outset, Cape Mountain Charcuterie experienced increased demand, as consumers became more aware and conscious of quality versus quantity.  Business growth, even as organic as it has been, did not come without its share of challenges, from having to increase our free-range pig farming capacity to simple logistics and quality management, from packaging to staffing the kitchen.

Today Richard is assisted by Jodian and Tiffany in the kitchen, while Sadic is assisted by, Andrea, Jason and Noziswe in the slicing, packaging and customer services department. As many Capetonians know Cape Mountain Charcuterie trade’s at various slow-food markets around the city, here Sadic is assisted by Greg, Renee, Andrea and from time to time, Phillip and Ivan jump in to lend a hand. Cape Mountain Charcuterie

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