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Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 1.13.50 PMChabivin’s seed was planted in 2007 through a meeting with Hendrik Snyman, a young & passionate South African winemaker. Hendrik was working in Napa Valley, New Zealand & South Africa, gaining valuable international experience in the making of red & white wines. He then contacted the Charbaut family, applying for a wine making job to gain specialist knowledge about Champagne. The family took him in as a foreign son, teaching him about the French culture, the language, the history & secrets of making fine Champagne the French way.

This lifetime friendship grew stronger & at the end of 8 months’ priceless experience, Hendrik had to return to South Africa due to wine making responsibilities.  In 2008 Jean-Pierre & Brigitte came for their first visit & fell in love with this country. With a little bit of imagination & a few flutes of Champagne they started Chabivin. In 2009, Hendrik finally decided to manage Chabivin full time, representing the family’s Champagne in South Africa & also carrying over the knowledge gained while being taught by the best.


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