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Something old, Something new, Something couture, Something You.

Didi is hands on in her approach. The creation of your dress becomes a personal experience. The process should be joyous, never stressful. Your wedding dress experience should fulfill your childhood dreams, and be the highlight of your occasion.

It is important to understand what style suits you. What dress best accentuates your best features. Didi believes that knowing what works for you will give you the confidence to wear your dress, and not have your dress wear you.

Many woman see a particular design which they might like but cannot visualise whether it would suit them or not. I help them overcome the unknown by giving them the opportunity to experience their body in different dress styles. This gives my clients the confidence to make the right choice based on how they look in the dress as opposed to a picture they have seen.”

Your preliminary consultation will lead to a series of sketches. Your second consultation will merge the sketch with choices of fabric. “By draping different materials over the body, I can very quickly form an idea as to which fabrics suit someone.” After this, regular fittings are done to ensure a perfect fit, and accessories are finalized.

Material is the medium in a process that brings a dress to life. Swarofsky crystals, French Chantilly lace, Duchess satin and embroidery details provide the building blocks to the perfect dress.

Didi remembers that the dress should capture the moment of the occasion. The dress becomes the exclamation mark on a beautiful day.

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