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Freedom of Movement is a collective of ideas formulated to design and manufacture conventional and unconventional leather products and accessories. We are a proudly South African company and our brand aims to embody the spirit of freedom and encourages our consumer to live a life that reflects the true identity of each individual. Our own exceptional artisans handcraft our products, and most our raw materials are sourced from local tanneries and textile manufacturers.

All our products are similar in nature but have very unique and different characteristics and details. We wanted to create a brand where every single one of our products has their own identity, and what is an identity without a name? All our exclusive products are known by name (The Benjamin, The Ralph, The Ted etc.) and therefore their own identity to which our customer can relate.

Our own artisans handcraft all our products and our production team is headed by two very talented individuals with years of experience in the handcrafting of exclusive leather products. Our methods are based on the traditional principles of leather craftsmanship, utilizing the same tools that have been used to create authentic leather goods for decades. This is then blended with our own more modern techniques developed through years of experience to ensure that our production process is not only efficient, but that our products are of the highest quality that can only be achieved by true artisans.


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