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Greg Wright

Greg Wright Architects was consolidated as a practice in 1995, and remains underpinned by the pursuance of contemporary design excellence relevant to modern lifestyles and the provision of the highest quality service as a focus.

Our studio is made up of a group of dedicated and passionate individuals working towards the guiding principle of the practice which strives towards the pursuit of excellence both in thought and execution.

Our approach is a holistic one and a total design service is offered. Each project is considered in its entirety, touching not only on the design of the physical fabric of the envelope, but also on the interiors, furnishings and landscaping, and the attention to each of these in great detail is the recipe for the success of the final product. Our process is one of constantly questioning and measuring all that we do in an ongoing quest for timeless, elegant and relevant design solutions. Our commitment to this is total from inception through to the final culmination of each project.

We believe the successful communication of ideas to be an integral component both to the process of design and the delivery of projects and utilize technology where possible to improve on bridging the gaps between our vision and the ultimate physical manifestation of these. We are fully conversant in the CAD environment specializing in both 3Dimensional and 2Dimensional design, presentation and documentation techniques.
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