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I’m a photographer. Like so many others out there, be it either amateur or professional, I’m a photographer. And obviously this is a little marketing piece, so you can expect only beautiful words. But all I can tell you, is that I care about quality and exceptional photography. Every shoot is as important as the last or the next one.

Be it a wedding where I capture unexpected moments, romance, ambience and the celebration of love. Or a corporate shoot where it is more about structure, the right people in the right place and a specific, important image for the client. Or the luxury of a landscape shoot where you search for days and wait for hours for the right light, the perfect composition and that unsurpassed moment in time.

I completed a Bachelors of Fine Art, specializing in Photography at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. After my studies I took photos where the road led me, then I worked with a couple of well-known photographers in Stellenbosch for 2 years and in 2002 I started my own business.

I look forward to meeting you as my client and giving you photographs that you would never want to put away.

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