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When David Moorgas purchased Symons Upholstery in 2007 he brought almost 85 years of cumulative experience to an already well respected family business of over 50 years. David’s unique vision is one of marrying modern technology to the time-honoured techniques of traditional craftsmen and artisans, resulting in a product that has truly redefined the concept of exclusive furnishings. All of the approximately 100 employees at Moorgas & Sons pride themselves as highly skilled practitioners who provide their clientele with a product that is more akin to Fine Art, than that of the mass-produced and catalogued furniture of other manufacturers. We do not catalogue any of our products, and every component that makes up one of our designs is manufactured onsite at our factory in Epping 2. Our products are highly sought after by architects, interior designers and decorators, and grace the homes of statesmen, celebrities, restaurants, corporates and private clients. Kindly note that Moorgas & Sons does not serve retailers and we encourage interested parties to visit our showroom to view our products firsthand, or merely email us to make any further enquiries. Furthermore, please note that this website only includes a fraction of our products and is merely intended to give you an impression of our current range.

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