Quail Ballontine


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Chef: Craig Cormack
Images By Helette Du Toit
Quail ballontine with Parma ham and gnocchi

Serves 6 people
8 quails whole or deboned
150g Parma ham
20g basil
2 red onions
100 sundried tomatoes
100g parmesan shavings
3 olives each, cut into cheeks
150ml jus
Onion puree
Salt and pepper
50ml butter
10ml oil
250g Potatoes, mashed
75g Flour
1 Egg
Salt and pepper

Debone quails.
Place 4 onto cling wrap and season with salt and pepper. Roll tightly and poach for 20 minutes on a medium heat.
Allow to cool. Once cold cut off plastic and reroll tightly, portion into slices about 9 slices out a roll.
Peel and slice onions. Place into a pot with the oil and butter, allow to sauté for 10mins on a gentle heat. Once golden brown add the water and boil.
When water is evaporated. Blend and pass through a chinois. Season to taste.
For the gnocchi
Boil the potatoes until soft, press through a drum sieve and allow to cool.
Mix potatoes with eggs. Then add flour, salt and pepper.
Roll out into a sausage form about 1cm thickness.
Portion 2cm wide. Blanche in hot water. Once they float in the hot water take them out and fresh them in cold water. When they sink take them out the water toss in oil and refrigerate until needed.
When ready to serve
Seal portioned quail with butter and oil in a pan
Heat up a pan and sautéed the red onions, Parma ham sundried tomatoes and olives.
Heat up onion puree
Heat up jus
In a hot pan with oil place gnocchis in season with salt and pepper.
Fry until golden brown, careful as they tend to stick if the pan isn’t hot enough, finish off with butter.
Plate up and garnish with fresh basil

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