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Reuben’s Franschhoek

From the moment our restaurant has opened its’ doors, we’ve been blessed by a steady stream of accolades and awards. Thankful as we are for these, we still prefer to keep things simple and let our food and service do the talking.

Like the cuisine, our restaurant exhibits a homely yet sophisticated atmosphere where our guests can enjoy their meals in an unhurried setting. Apart from the eclectic, regularly updated menu that lists a good number of Reuben’s favourites, specials of the day are scribbled on three large chalk boards against the wall. Like all of our meals, these specials are created to take advantage of the freshest ingredients as they become available and dishes are created on the inspiration of our chef.

The expansive wine list boasts a fine selection of wines, from the region and elsewhere, to accompany the fine fare. Should you wish to have a few drinks before or after your meal, the cocktail bar offers plush seating or space at the bar where you can rest your drinks on the wing of a vintage cargo plane.

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