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Shake and Serve offers a completely mobile bar service. Whether your event is hosted in a venue, Bedouin tent or on a beach, we can accommodate your needs. Not only is our bar service very accessible, it’s also guaranteed to provide your guests with a stylish source of entertainment. From our slick bartenders to our flashy bar modules, your event will be remembered by your guests! When it comes to the staff behind the bars, you can be sure to find efficient barmen and women who know their trade, make a mean cocktail and look good doing so. To ensure that every detail is fine-tuned to your tastes, Shake and Serve offers a multitude options in how you stock the bar. We can relieve the pressure by supplying all standard bar products, or tailor our selection to reflect your own preferences. Should you require it, we would be more than happy to provide you with a custom wine or cocktail list, as well as a venue dependant liquor license. All in all, we offer the complete package and a little extra. 

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