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My compositions and use of colour reflects my background in graphics. I have a passion for large scale, bold, textured images that really grabs a room! I feel that most of my paintings are a feature, yet curiously when I am invited to see what my art looks like in a client’s house, I have never felt it being overpowering. It has a lot to do with the way I operate. If a client is not sure what they want, I will photograph the space in which they are looking to place one of my paintings.
I then digitally place some of the art that they were interested in, in the photos. I will change colours, dimensions, and sometimes even compile a new art piece, if the situation requires it. I will then give the client a few options via a picture quote.
This way we both know that the final piece will be perfect!!
It’s a great use of technology, but still producing a once off original artwork!!

Best Regards.
Tanja de Beer.

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