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Winelands Art Gallery offers a wide variety of art to suit all tastes and budgets, showcasing many artists but one in particular, Harry Erasmus.

Harry Erasmus shares abit of his biography with us


“I stand in the Shadow of abnormality, observing the confused dance of normality.”

Harry Erasmus, one of South Africa’s household names in art, started drawing at the early age of five. Harry has had no formal training, which he is grateful for, as it has encouraged him to develop his own unique style. Although he was not formally trained, his career as an artist has been positively influenced by artists such as Adriaan Boshoff, Cornelius Bosch and Pieter van der Westhuizen.

Harry is an extremely diverse artist. His themes include landscapes, street scenes, portraits and wildlife, but it was the creation of his Harlequin’s and “Paljas” themes that really established him as a household name in South African art. He was contracted by Sun International to paint 25 Harlequin themed paintings for the Carnival City Casino in the Johannesburg area. The Paljas theme is somewhat illustrative, vibrant in colour and invites the viewer into a world of romance, dance, music and an escape from the reality of the world we live in. It is an invitation into the world in which he lives.

His artworks are available for purchase from The Winelands Art Gallery.

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