Simon Moyes

Simon Moyes

Simon Moyes

Mr Simon Moyes is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in arthroscopic surgery for knee, shoulder, foot and ankle problems, with a focus on sports medicine.
Mr Moyes’ main research interests concern the development of minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques for the knee, shoulder, foot and ankle. He has been credited for introducing some of the latest advances in Orthopaedic medicine and surgery to the UK.

Patients from across the globe, including countries such as Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Russia, and even as far as Japan, have flown into the UK just to visit Mr Moyes’ practices over the years. Over 20% of his patients come from outside the UK and this number of overseas patients is continuously increasing. A particularly fast growing area is from the African continent, the main countries being Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa. Mr Moyes has treated a range of patients from these countries, including high profile political figures, business leaders and judges to name a few.

According to recent research by healthcare researchers LaingBuisson, London is the capital of the world when it comes to seeking medical advice and treatment. The research suggests that international patients prefer to visit London-based consultants for complex treatments, and this is represented in the international work Mr Moyes regularly performs at his clinic.

Mr Moyes was at the forefront of introducing Arthroscopic techniques, particularly of the foot and ankle to the UK, which is a highly sophisticated, minimally invasive technique where patients spend less time in hospital and are more likely to have a quick recovery. It is ideal for many orthopaedic procedures in joints, such as removing torn cartilage, ligament and tendon reconstruction and smoothing out bone defects. Due to the nature of the surgery – since the joint does not have to be opened fully – there is less risk of infection, healing can be quicker, scarring is minimal and there is less trauma to the connective tissue in the joint. This is especially useful for those who want to make a quick visit to London to tend to other business or pleasure while undertaking treatment.

Simon is also planning to take bone and joint health care to a whole new level with stem cell techniques. Hailed as revolutionary to medicine, stem cell treatment is moving at a fast and exciting pace. As stem cell treatment is evolving all the time, there will shortly be a system where stem cells can be taken from your own fat and injected into your knee, which can produce an 80% reduction in arthritic symptoms in 80% of patients.

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