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Tintswalo Atlantic

Tintswalo Atlantic


Tintswalo Atlantic, a 5-star luxury lodge nestled on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean between Hout Bay and Cape Town, mirrors the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean in every uniquely designed suite and finish. Located on Chapman’s Peak Drive, which forms part of the Table Mountain National Park – one of South Africa’s eight World Heritage Sites, it is a must for any traveller’s itinerary.  If the nature and surroundings are anything to go by, Tintswalo has embodied this fresh, peaceful natural feature into everyting that they do.

From the time you arrive, all efforts are put into enhancing your stay, bettering each day, not making any two experiences the same.  The only repitition is your preference. If full cream cappuccino is your favorite beverage, expect to have it prepared and ready for your enjoyment brought to your room or in the resturant area. We put the waitrons to the test asking them to prepare a refreshing yet unique drink for enjoyment. The waitron brought us a melon juice with a tingent of secret flavorant that was a burst of refreshment. Each room has detailed and personalised finishes. A note hand written personalised message greets you as you enter the room. Shells are placed on bath and towel as the branding of Tintswalo enhancing the detailed yet natural finishes.

Menu’s are non existent and so are kitchen times. You don’t have to adhere to a catering schedule enforced by the hotel. If you wake up at 12:00pm you are still in time for breakfast that is served on your private patio overlooking the majestic Atlantic Ocean or in the resturant area tha oozes peace and tranquility. Tintswalo Atlantic has really set itself apart from normal hotel experience and has brought a world class experience on the shores of South Africa

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