Tudor Watches

Tudor Watches

Born out of a heritage that stems from precision time keeping, the TUDOR collection achieves the perfect equilibrium between elegance and performance, and is now available in South Africa through a dedicated retail network. Known the world over for its evolution of technical research and innovation, TUDOR is a superior, premium watch brand with an established global reputation.

The TUDOR brand is the brainchild of Hans Wilsdorf; well known as a key figure in the Swiss watchmaking industry and the founder of Rolex. Wilsdorf established Tudor after considering the potential of manufacturing a watch that would offer a more modest price point, but that would still attain the standard and dependability for which Rolex has become famous. Out of this desire, Tudor was born and quickly established itself in the global market launching now famous models such as the Oyster Prince, the Oyster Prince Submariner or the Advisor. Today, the range of watches spans seven different lines, including the acclaimed Heritage line, providing a timepiece solution for scuba divers, motoring enthusiasts, adventurers, style seekers and even those who appreciate the elegance of past eras. TUDOR has cemented itself as a versatile brand that epitomizes the amalgamation of reliability, technical refinement, precision and the manufacturing of quality that is comparatively priced.

To mark the launch of TUDOR in South Africa, an event was held at Randlords, Johannesburg; a venue that lives up to the same brand ethos of the watches – elegance within reach. The event was held on the same night as the global CEO sleepout in South Africa, which the brand noted the importance of and pledged towards.

“South Africa has a discerning customer base that is well aware of what the best luxury brands are and where they’re available, and although economic conditions may indicate that budgets are tighter there is certainly a market that has spent for our product,” says Jayne Evans, CEO of The Rolex Group of companies in South Africa. “Tudor is a long-standing brand with an established track record and strong service network both in South Africa and across the world. It is with great anticipation that we launch the brand to the South African market place to fill a gap for avid watch collectors who seek unparalleled quality combined with trendsetting style and timeless elegance.”

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